Papier Mache Sculptures

by Shirley Hintz



Workshops for Kindergarten - Grade 7

2018 / 2019

 For information on Workshops outside of Surrey, British Columbia, please contact me at


 Booking for the 2018/2019 school year!


I will be retiring most workshops at the end of June 2019, to continue on my own artistic ventures...yeeha!  

 Please email me for more information at







Please read if you are in a portable!

Important information for booking a workshop in portables.

We need a continuous supply of water not only to make  the papier mache and to keep the paint brushes clean in the painting sessions, but for clean up as well. Therefore we will no longer be able to work in portables. If you are in a portable and would like to do a workshop, I would strongly recommend you book your schools multi-purpose room for both sessions. Sorry for any inconvenience!

In the event of a cancellation

In the event a workshop session has to be cancelled due to illness, weather or emergency, I will try my best to reschedule a date for you. I try to leave one day a week open throughout the year for this purpose.

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