These projects are recommended for only Intermediate level students, as they are more difficult.  (Any of the projects from the Primary level can be chosen as well for Intermediate level students.)

Each workshop is approximately 1 1/2  - 2 hours long and requires 2 sessions to complete.

papier mache

wait 2 weeks for drying

painting and finishing

Some of the projects require students to bring in things from home, like cereal boxes, and plastic bags. I will let you know at the time of booking if there is anything the students need to supply.

Cost is $7.00 per student for a completed project. With the exception of the Egyptian death mask which is $8.00 per student for a completed project.

The First Nations Wind mask project, students can choose to do one of three mask: Wind, Bear or Owl.

Lizard workshops... 3 designs to choose from!​